The Finnish Beekeepers’ Union has commissioned Nodium to handle the streaming of their annual get-together events and the production of a new website. Normally the events are social gatherings, but this year they were organized online only with international call-in participants. Nodium provided a number of technical services for the events including the production of intro video clips, transcription, subtitling, …


After completing a few technical assignments for Linea Consultants, Nodium was commissioned to create a new website for this esteemed consulting company. Linea Consultants specialize in transport and community planning. The focus of the new front page is on aerial views of infrastructure and different transport modes. Also, to accentuate their cooperative and human approach, new portraits of the personnel …

Kulttuuritalo Martinus

A local cultural venue asked Nodium to integrate ticket sales into their new website.  Based on our experience with similar projects we were able to complete the project in two days only, saving a substantial amount of funds in the production budget. All the software installation, back-end coding, establishment of batch processing tasks and graphic design details were implemented in …

Kirsi Kivivirta

Kirsi Kivivirta’s website was redesigned in a minimalistic and simple style, much like her own art. The portfolio style presentation lets the artwork speak for itself.


Alongside design tasks, Livady Architects engage in advanced research on building and restauration techniques as well as on urban planning, built environment and public space. They actively partake in societal debate on values of built environment and sustainable techonologies. Nodium is proud to act as the provider for the redesign and implementation of Livady Architects’ web presence.


Mascaros is a 16th century villa in Costa Brava. Nodium managed the revamp of their visual identity during an ownership change. The complete production service package for this holiday rental client included real estate photography, aerial photography, business cards, brochures and the design of a new website complete with a 360 degree virtual tour.


On this project Nodium collaborated with ViwoKids Oy to produce a promotional teaser film for an educational mobile app. Also, Gallerium’s web presence was developed and produced at the same time in one integrated creative process. The Gallerium app was available for download at Google Play store and Apple app store.


Yileste is a high end Luxembourgish women’s fashion label. Nodium has developed the internet presence and online commerce activities of the label. Also videos have been produced to help the with the brand promotion on social media.


Stayconcrete is a high-end manufacturer of concrete furniture. Nodium has provided a full service production package for them  including a complete web site design and IT backend management during the launch phase.


In 2013 Nodium helped establish the visual identity of Akordi, a conflict management organization in Finland. In January 2018 the layout and design of their website was modernized and harmonized by Nodium.