Yileste is a high end Luxembourgish women’s fashion label. Nodium has developed the internet presence and online commerce activities of the label. Also videos have been produced to help the with the brand promotion on social media.


Stayconcrete is a high-end manufacturer of concrete furniture. Nodium has provided a full service production package for them  including a complete web site design and IT backend management during the launch phase.


In 2013 Nodium helped establish the visual identity of Akordi, a conflict management organization in Finland. In January 2018 the layout and design of their website was modernized and harmonized by Nodium.

Stora Enso

One of the oldest companies in Europe, pulp and paper manufacturer Stora Enso asked Nodium to produce a collection of documentary style video portraits of their employees. Primary photography took place in Belgium, Sweden, Brazil and Finland. The end result was published as a video gallery on the career web site of the company. Still photo assignments and projects to …