The feature film “MUUTOKSII” directed by Sami Laitinen and produced by Klaus Heydemann of Inland Film Company premiered on April 4th, 2014. It was the number 1 Finnish film in the box office during the premiere week and the best selling national indie film of the year. Nodium was the technical production partner of this project. We were involved throughout the process with financing, preproduction, on-set data wrangling, equipment and workflow support, DI production, VFX, color management and grading.

This youth film about the life of two teenagers, Antti and Muhis, was shot with Nodium’s Scarlet-X camera on real locations during 33 shooting days. The shots included jib shots, various vehicle rigs and hand held camera work. The location sound for the film was recorded with our sound gear. After each shooting day material was duplicated, verified and transcoded to Prores for off-line editing and dailies as part of our DIT services. The Prores proxies were handed over to the editors and editing was done on Final Cut Pro. Final conforming and color grading was done on DaVinci Resolve followed by DCP mastering by Nodium’s sub-contractors as part of a total post production solution.