Tour de Luxembourg

A promotional video produced by Nodium for a a luxembourgish cycling tour company, Velosophie. During the production, Nodium participated on actual bike tours and improvised shots based on scenery, weather, schedule, participants and other environmental factors. Bicycle rigs and drone shots were also used.

Code Remote

Code Remote is an immersive course organized by Hacker Paradise at Outpost in Bali. Nodium was commissioned to produce this film to promote the bootcamp.

Life Design Lab

A promotional video shot, edited and produced by Nodium for Life Design Lab at Outpost.


A sampler of video material shot and produced by Nodium

Nei Aarbecht

Nei Aarbecht is a social company that recycles, sells and redistributes furniture and accessories in Luxembourg.

Code Obscura

Code Obscura is an experimental short indie film produced by Nodium. The premiere was at Underground Filmfest in Munich.

Beyond Movement

Beyond Movement is a documentary film about the work of two choreographers, Anu Sistonen and Hannah Ma. In 2015 Nodium followed them throughout the process of creating two dance pieces: Optike and Heroes. The finished short film is a fascinating behind the scenes look at the creative methods of these artists and the dance community in general. The film premiered …