After completing a few technical assignments for Linea Consultants, Nodium was commissioned to create a new website for this esteemed consulting company. Linea Consultants specialize in transport and community planning. The focus of the new front page is on aerial views of infrastructure and different transport modes. Also, to accentuate their cooperative and human approach, new portraits of the personnel …

Kethel Desks

Nodium provided a full range of branding, design and media production services for Kethel Desks, a state of the art co-working space in Schiedam district of Rotterdam. The project encompassed the establisment of a corporate identity including logo design, space design, print products, vr photography and film production. The space is due to open at a later date.


Occasionally a client, a friend or a colleague requests to shoot a portrait photo for a social media profile or a web site. Click on the arrows above to browse through a few samples of our recent portrait photography.

Helsinki City Theatre

As part of our web maintenance and development services for the Helsinki City Theatre, a 360 degreee panoramic photo production was completed. The panoramas are used as a marketing tool to help with the event space rental activities of the theatre. Nodium is providing a multitude of technical services for the theatre as part of a comprehensive web presence partnership …


Mascaros is a 16th century villa in Costa Brava. Nodium managed the revamp of their visual identity during an ownership change. The complete production service package for this holiday rental client included real estate photography, aerial photography, business cards, brochures and the design of a new website complete with a 360 degree virtual tour.

Schroeder Joalliers

Nodium was commissioned to shoot macro photography of intricate and beautiful watches and jewelry of Schroeder Joalliers, the supplier of the Royal Family of Luxembourg. A custom light tent using our film lighting gear was constructed for this assignment.