Sound Design


The short film “Roxy” directed by Fabien Colas and produced by Emile Schlesser was selected out of a record number of submissions for screening at the prestigious Luxembourg Film Festival on March 2nd, 2015. The next screening of the film was at Cannes film festival 2015. The film is also competing for the Luxembourgish film prize in 2016. Nodium was the location sound services provider for this project.

Upon completion of the principal photography, Nodium also became a technical production partner for the film. Initial sound design, foley & special effects recording, dialogue editing and premixing were accomplished by Nodium. The sound design and final mix were completed by the incredibly talented audio engineer Ben Barnich of Lamda Audio at our joint studio facilities at Bamhaus, Luxembourg.

d’Welt vum Bam

Nodium’s headquarters are at a local creative community called Bamhaus. We were asked to produce a contemporary, street-smart and fresh art exhibition for Schlassgoart gallery. We were happy to accept the challenge. Combining the skills and ideas of all of our members, we came up with an ambitious plan with multiple physical and digital exhibits. Event planning, construction work, artistic execution and digital programming all came together to form an impressive exhibition that immediately received positive feedback and resonated well with the audience. It was featured in major newspapers and RTL’s ArtBox television show. The theme of the exhibition was sustainability, creativity and the fate of humanity in general in a world of capitalist accumulation.

Along with general brainstorming with the team, Nodium’s role was the design, programming and implementation of all of the Raspberry Pi based interactive exhibits. These miniature sized and affordable computers were used as audiovisual playback devices connected to various sensors. As an artistic statement, a conceptual art installation based on wooden stamps was also designed and manufactured.