Film Production

Nuit des Lampions

Cooperations Asbl is a socio-cultural non-profit organization with a focus on culture, social participation and individual potential development. By managing several sheltered workshops, Cooperations offers people with disabilities working and earning opportunities in the areas of gastronomy, art and garden design. Nodium has produced video documentation for this annual event in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Nei Aarbecht

This is a documentary style presentation video for a social company that recycles, sells and redistributes furniture and accessories in Luxembourg. The film was entirely directed, shot and edited by Nodium excluding the aerial shots for which we used a local drone pilot.

Code Obscura

Code Obscura is an experimental short film. It is a poetic vision about courage and family ties in a hybrid mutant and human family. The post production of the film has been completed and it premiered at Underground Filmfest in Munich on May, 2017.


On this project Nodium collaborated with ViwoKids Oy to produce a promotional teaser film for an educational mobile app. Also, Gallerium’s web presence was developed and produced at the same time in one integrated creative process. The app has now been approved and published and is available for download both at both Google Play store and Apple app store.

White Space

In 2001 Steve Jobs introduced the phrase “Digital Lifestyle” at one of his keynote presentations. Previously text messaging on cell phones and traditional email were the only mainstream digital channels used for personal communication. Internet Relay Chat, teleconferencing and early instant messaging applications remained in the exclusive realm of geeky computer hobbyists.

Within a decade and a half everything has changed. Subtly, without people barely noticing it, many have transferred their social interactions and precious audiovisual memories onto cloud based digital platforms. There is an entire generation of Millennials who have grown up with this new status quo. When families return home from a vacation, it is not only the smell of the home that evokes the sense of belonging, but also the familiar home wifi network name at the corner of the laptop screen.

To explore the sociocultural impact and the actual technological mechanisms that have enabled this change, artist duo Antti Pirskanen and Michael Rooke are proposing a hybrid video art / documentary film project bearing the working title “WHITE SPACE”.

Personal Safety Reflectors

In Scandinavian countries, about 87% of pedestrians wear a reflector when walking at dusk or in the dark. Such high usage rates have kept nighttime pedestrian injury and death rates in the 30% range, which is less than half of that in the U.S. This is a promotional video produced by Nodium for a company that is launching reflectors to the North American market.

Beyond Movement

This is a documentary film about the work of two choreographers, Anu Sistonen and Hannah Ma. In 2015 Nodium followed them throughout the process of creating two dance pieces: Optike and Heroes. The finished short film is a fascinating behind the scenes look at the creative methods of these artists and the dance community in general. The film premieres in Germany on 25th of September, 2015 at TUFA in Trier and in Luxembourg on 3rd of December at Trois C-L. Beyond Movement was shot and produced by Nodium and financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


The feature film “MUUTOKSII” directed by Sami Laitinen and produced by Klaus Heydemann of Inland Film Company premiered on April 4th, 2014. It was the number 1 Finnish film in the box office during the premiere week and the best selling national indie film of the year. Nodium was the technical production partner of this project. We were involved throughout the process with financing, preproduction, on-set data wrangling, equipment and workflow support, DI production, VFX, color management and grading.

This youth film about the life of two teenagers, Antti and Muhis, was shot with our Scarlet-X camera on real locations during 33 shooting days. The shots included aerial RC shots, underwater shots, jib shots, various vehicle rigs and hand held camera work. Our wireless microphones were used in addition to a single boom mic. After each shooting day material was duplicated, verified and transcoded to Prores for off-line editing and dailies as part of our DIT services. The Prores proxies were handed over to the editors and editing was done on Final Cut Pro. Final conforming and color grading was done on DaVinci Resolve followed by DCP mastering by Nodium’s sub-contractors as part of a total post production solution.

Stora Enso

One of the oldest companies in Europe, pulp and paper manufacturer Stora Enso asked Nodium to produce a collection of documentary style video portraits of their employees. After careful planning, a freelance director was hired by Nodium and a world wide production was launched.

Primary photography took place in Belgium, Sweden, Brazil and Finland. Due to equipment transport logistics and the inscreasingly light weight and nimble production technique trends, the project was realized using a lightweight DSLR rig with a minimal crew consisting only of the director and the camera operator.

The end result was published as a video gallery on the career web site of the company. Still photo assignments and projects to document other aspects of the company soon followed. Our stringent archival practices proved invaluable when footage from the project was later repurposed for other media and languages.

Scriptwriting, field acquisition and post production were all accomplished by Nodium.